An Airport on an Artificial Island

This item was last updated in: 12/19/2005.

  • Status: Proposed
  • Location: In front of Tel-Baruch beach's area.
  • Dov Hoz Airport is located next to a residential zone in the northwest of Tel Aviv, near the shore. The neighborhoods surrounding the airport suffer from noise pollution, made by the airplane traffic, nonetheless, the land value of the airport is very high. According to the proposal, Dov Hoz Airport will be transferred into an artificial island, while the continuance of Eben Gvirol st. and several residential and commercial zones will be built on the evacuated area of the airport.
  • The examination of the option regarding the construction of several artificial islands started in 1996. A committee, established for this purpose, made a research about it in cooperation with groups from The Netherlands, specializing in sea quarrying. In 2001, the committee submitted a report, determined that the construction of artificial islands is economically feasible. Since then, a much more intensive examination regarding this issue was made, primarily focusing on the construction of an artificial island, where Dov Hoz airport will be transferred to.
  • The new airport on the island will function as the second international airport in Israel. The construction of desalination facilities on the island was proposed as well.
  • The artificial island will be constructed in front of North Tel Aviv. The artificial island will be rectangle-shaped.
  • According to one of the proposals, road no.5 (Trans-Samaria highway) will continue west from Glilot Junction into the island.
  • Environmental organizations opposed the concept of the artificial island on the pretext that it will destructively affect the adjacent beaches.
  • In addition to the airport island, the long-term plan is the creation of two more islands in front of Tel-Aviv and another one in front of Bat-Yam. The distance between the islands will be approximately 1 km - 2 km. The cost of a construction of each island is estimated at about one billion dollars.